Correct Sitting Position While Working

October 20, 2023
Most daily activities are carried out in a sitting position. Without realizing it, you spend most of your time sitting. For example, while working. That's why it is very important for you to practice the correct sitting position, especially when working. If you ignore it, it is not impossible that you will experience aches and other spine problems.

So, what is the correct way to sit? The correct body position when sitting is as follows.

Sit Upright with Your Back Straight and Shoulders Back
Your thighs rest against the seat and your buttocks should touch the back of the chair. The spine has a shape that curves slightly forward at the waist, so a pillow can be placed to support the curvature. You can also choose a chair that has been specifically designed with the shape and anatomical position of the human spine.
By using the right chair, the risk of getting tired and sore can be avoided.

Don't sit for too long and stretch your muscles regularly.
It is recommended to take a short break of around 10-15 minutes after using a computer for 2 hours to reduce risks such as tired eyes, headaches, and neck and shoulder pain. Rest means that the eyes are not used for reading.

Adjust the screen distance and eye view
When you use a laptop for a long time, the correct sitting position is to set your device screen at a distance of approximately one arm's length. Also make sure the screen is at eye level or not more than 5 cm above sight. Position the laptop in such a way that you tilt the laptop screen so that your head is not lowered. Because the neck and eyes will get tired easily if the device is placed too high or too low. The tip is that you can use a book as a support to adjust the height of the laptop screen.

Place frequently used objects within your reach
The next way to implement the correct sitting position is to ensure that the objects you need are within reach.
Even though it seems trivial, this helps maintain an upright sitting position. So, your body is not bent or tilted. Frequently used items, such as staplers, phones, and notebooks, should be kept close to you. The stretching you do when picking up these objects can help train your muscles.

Feet hit the floor
Plant your feet until they touch the floor. If it doesn't reach there, use a step or small stool so your feet can stand comfortably.

Remember to practice the correct sitting position when working, so you can stay focused and avoid aches or fatigue.
Don't forget to balance the correct sitting position when working with adequate fluid intake, consumption of healthy and nutritious food, and adequate rest.
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