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We Stand Tall On Our 5 Values

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Showing maximum commitment, spirit and energy toward business and work by creating the best and the highest quality of work.

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Respecting disagreements of opinion and caring for each other's culture, whether colleagues, business partners, or general stakeholders in conducting the company's business.

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Commitment to conduct business truthfully and honestly, with sound principles and following company values in all business activities.

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Enthusiastically and consistently complying with regulations that relate to each aspect of the business activity with high spirit and consistence.

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Constantly striving to provide the best to the stakeholders of the company by working effectively, efficiently, and accurately.

A Great Place to Work, Driven by Values and Innovation

PT Bakrie Pipe Industries is an excellent workplace, fueled by strong values and a commitment to innovation. The company thrives on passion, respect, integrity, dicipline, and excellence as its core values. It's not just a job; it's a dynamic hub where employees actively contribute to a culture of continuous improvement and innovation with the goal of advancing the company..

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