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Night of the XVI Achmad Bakrie Awarding Ceremony

  Aug 20, 2018

The four recipients of the XVI Achmad Bakrie Award (PAB) were chosen because they were considered to have proud the entire Indonesian people through their brilliant achievements.
According to Anindya Bakrie, Aburizal Bakrie's eldest son, the recipients of the award, which amounted to four people this year, have given positive dedication and contribution through their knowledge and dedication.
"They prove that Indonesia still has the best sons and daughters, who work diligently and creatively, resulting in a proud achievement for all of us," said Anin, his greeting, on the eve of the awarding ceremony at Djakarta Theater, Central Jakarta, Tuesday, August 14 2018 .
Anin said, the recipients of the award also enriched modern Indonesian culture, deepened the nation's view of its history, while reminding the importance of literature and the sensitivity of human feelings to enjoy the beauty around it.
"They also opened a new horizon of views in shaping the study of science and technology, and service to the business world," Anin said.
Anin said, the recipients of the award had also inspired the community to think scientifically with a systematic, but creative approach. Anin believes that all Indonesian people deserve to give their appreciation.
"To the leaders and institutions receiving awards, the entire Indonesian nation should express their deepest gratitude and appreciation to them," said Anin.
There were four winners in this year's award, Salim H Said (field of social thinking), Ayu Utami (literature), Ferry Iskandar (science), and e-commerce portal Bukalapak (technology and entrepreneurship). The event was enlivened by the appearance of Judika singer, Alika Islamadina, Magenta Eleven, and comedian Cak Lontong.

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