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Our History

The history has been started in 1959 PT Bakrie & Brothers established a steel pipe plant namely “TALANG TIRTA”. At that time Bakrie had just been able producing pipes of 5/8 – 1 ¼ inch (conduit pipe) in diameter, under a designed production capacity of 3.000 tons per - annum.

Since then Bakrie steel pipes have been widely known. The next development was in 1972 when Bakrie succeeded in increasing its production up to 25.000 tons per – annum with diameters of up to 4 inch (conduit pipe for water and other ordinary uses).

In 1978 Bakrie again expanded its plants successfully and it produced pipes up to 6 5/8 inch in diameter and it has been producing pipes under API 5L specification for oil and gas industries. In 1979 American Petroleum Institute (API) recognized Bakrie to apply API monogram for each of API 5L pipes produced.

Two (2) years after the recognition PT Bakrie Pipe Industries was established and it has been occupying a location of 25hectares in the regency of Bekasi, West Java. At that time PT Bakrie Pipe Industries was able producing steel pipes of 16 inch in diameter.

In 1984, PT Bakrie Pipe Industries for the second time was authorized by American Petroleum Institute (API) to apply API monogram on its APL 5L pipes produced.

Footsteps of Indonesian development are going on it certainty and in 1995 PT Bakrie Industries again expanded its plant by installation of KT 24 machines which is able to produce steel pipe of up to 24 inch in diameter.

Nowadays PT Bakrie Pipe Industries has a designed capacity of up to 310.000 tons per – annum. Since 2000 PT Bakrie Pipe Industries has been also trusted by American Petroleum Institute to apply API monogram on its API 5CT (Casing and Tubing) pipes produced.

Know our factories are capable of producing API 5L and 5 CT specifications including all standard specifications such as ASTM A-139, ASTM A53 and ASTM A252, SNI 0039:2013, SNI 0068:2013,SNI 8052:2014, JIS G 3444, STK-400 and also special project requirement such as DNV OS-F11. After more than 61 years of experience, we are committed to providing quality pipes and the best service to our customers.